HMS Bounty

Write the first paragraph of your page here.Student Chris Wilde will join Don to Makintayr, the Australian captain of Talisker Bounty, and his two companions to make travel 4 000 miles long in 48 days. The team is going to repeat a feat of captain Bligh when it and 18 more seamen were landed from the ship in 1789 and were compelled to move further on a small launch. Seamen are going to float from the Pacific island of Tonga to Timor, using sextants and octants for definition of the site. Besides travelers will take with themselves food and water only for 25 days. The trip will begin on April 28, exactly 221 year later from that day as captain Bligh was landed from the ship. Onboard the open boat 25 foots long there will be no toilet paper, cabins and in general any conveniences of the XXI century. Travelers are going to eat, mainly, beef, beans and rolls. The rain becomes the main source of drinking water. In case of success it will be the first time when someone will repeat a feat of captain Bligh. Similar travel was planned two years ago, but attempt was unsuccessful as two members of team had problems with health. Especially difficult test swimming becomes for the student. Wilde never went under a sail, however he is completely ready to adventures.